John's Bio


John McDonald blends tropical instrumentation, world beat rhythms and positive lyrical themes…


     The result is John’s feel-good, up-tempo musical cocktail of tropical instrumentation, world beat rhythms and positive lyrical themes - an affirmative life philosophy! 

     Inspired by artists like Bob Marley, David Byrne, Jimmy Buffett, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Stephen Stills and Sting, who integrate various styles of music from tropical destinations, John adapted the short but descriptive term Trop Rock in 1994.

     He went on to front a “premier party band” (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review), John McDonald & the Mango Men, becoming a staple in regional concert venues as the opening band for a diverse list of contemporary and classic artists, including America, The Beach Boys, Hall & Oates and Smokey Robinson.

     In the late 90’s, John released High Frequency Hope and Heartfelt Vibration, one of the first CDs self-consciously described and specifically designated a "Trop Rock" album.  In 2005, he was characterized as a “Trop Rock innovator."   

     In 2014, John received enthusiastic media reviews for his first full-length CD as a solo artist, Right Place, Right Time, a collection of well-crafted, radio-friendly songs with poignant lyrics.


     The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes, “Cultivating his own sound, McDonald’s album is a tropical breeze…with upbeat rhythms, positive energy.”


     Whirl Magazine calls John “Mr. Brightside,” proclaiming, “With just one listen to John McDonald’s new album, we are instantly transported to a land of sunshine and no stress…with the same high energy we love him for.”


     Entertainment Central urges, “Warm up with the feel-good music of John McDonald.  The singer/songwriter combines reggae, rock and world-beat music for a Rusted Root-meets-Bob Marley feel. It will be tough to resist the urge to dance!”


     Pittsburgh City Paper discerns, “This is the kind of album you might expect from a guy after years leading the city’s premier party/cover band…happy pop songs with a degree of self-reflection and observation.”


     Although his new music represents a fresh reboot, John still loves to preside over a great party or corporate event and delivers a fun, high-energy performance of your favorite cover songs with his full-time, professional “party band” - the Mango Men.  He also thrives on the intimacy of house concerts as a solo artist.


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