Throw a Party!   

    Whether you want to throw a tropical party in your own back or host a fun corporate convention, seasonal celebration or special life event, feature a “premier party band.” 

     John & his group of accomplished instrumentalists, the Mango Men, create memorable performances for guests of every size gathering, as a solo, duo, trio, quartet or a full 8-piece unit.

     With their distinctive mix of classic rock and tropically inflected songs by Bob Marley, Jimmy BUffett, Kenny Chesney & the Zac Brown Band, “it will tough to resist the urge to dance!”  


Host a House Concert...

     For a one-of-a-kind evening that will create a long-lasting impression on your family and friends, consider hosting John for a warm, acoustic performance in the intimacy of your own home or informal “concert” space. 

     As an artist, John flourishes as a songwriter & story-teller when he connects with listeners face-to-face, on a deeply personal level that highlights the themes he writes about: the inexplicable occurrence of chance meetings,  moments of grace, constant change, the mystical nature of love and life, optimism in the face of uncertainty, the universal power of music, the virtue of humility and compromise in our relationships and the bittersweet need to move on.


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