Bridge the Gap



Every time we fight it’s an ugly scene

I don’t hear you don’t hear me

We go our separate way shut off the phone

We think we’re right end up alone

A small misunderstanding becomes a great divide

We’re really not that far apart in the scheme of time


Let’s bridge the gap between us and see the truth

Foolish pride separates me from you

Let’s bridge the gap between us and cross on through

To the heart of you


The silly games we play someone’s got to lose

Will it be me? Will it be you?

But real love craves mutual affection

A little compromise makes a deep connection

No one wants to be the first to say they’re "wrong"

When there’s no communication loves lies bitter, bruised and torn


Repeat chorus


Give just a little

Meet in the middle

And it all comes back to a better place


Repeat chorus