I Keep My Feet Moving



One day my good friend, Neal Griebling, a career coach, networking specialist and practicing Buddhist, encouraged me to “just keep your feet moving”.  This line was initially spoken by his mentor, a Buddhist monk who encourages his disciples to deal with their fear and anxiety one step at a time. Simply keep moving forward the best you can, despite everything.

It felt right to render this message in a calypso groove when I wrote it. I’ve taken the advice in this song to heart many times in the last few years during the downturn of The Great Recession. Admittedly, it’s not always simple or easy to practice what you preach!


There’s darkness up ahead

I can’t see the forest from the trees

The demon in my head

Got me shaken’ in my shoes up to my knees

The road will twist and bend

So i march to my own drummer

And it guides me like a friend


I keep my feet moving

Forget the past i’ll move on come what may

I keep my feet moving

Everyday’s another leap of faith

I keep my feet moving

Step-by-step i find my way


There were many days

I could not face the world i stayed in bed

I wasted too much time

A prisoner to the cynic in my head

Somewhere a wise man said

Every thousand mile journey

Has to start with one small step


Repeat chorus


Who knows what will come next?

But that which does not kill me

Makes me stronger in the end


Repeat chorus