This Isn't Vegas



This is a cautionary tale.

While out with a group of friends at one of my favorite restaurants in the Bloomfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Tessaro's, I heard somebody at the end of the table vehemently shout "this isn't Vegas!" above the din of multiple, ongoing conversations.  I never found out exactly what the specific context of that exchange was about but the line got into my psyche and this song is the outcome.

As the well known marketing slogan about "Sin City" insinuates, capitalizing on its dubious reputation as a haven for vice, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." 

However, there really doesn't seem to be any guarantee of privacy or anonymity anywhere any more, at least in most towns most of the time.

After I finished writing this song, I was reminded of the hauntingly ominous portrayal of contemporary life envisioned by the 20th Century philosopher and social critic Michel Foucault, who claimed we are all being watched and categorized by experts.

He compared us to prisoners in a “panopticon,” the perfect prison system that subjects the inmates to a constant state of surveillance by guards in a tower from which they themselves cannot be seen.


She wears a ten-carrot ring

When luster turns to loneliness it doesn’t mean a thing

She’s ached to be touched for so long

Guilty passion racks her heart it’s burning strong

She’s a well connected socialite

A well heeled high class trophy wife

Is she ready now to gamble on her

Plush and privileged life?


This isn’t vegas this isn’t vegas

What happens here in this bedroom town

Won’t stay undercover underground too long

This isn’t vegas

There’s ears inside almost every wall

One whisper here triggers her downfall

This isn’t vegas this isn’t vegas


She walks down a cheap hotel hall

Slips her ring off when she takes his call

She knows the time is now

As she locks the deadbolt on her sacred vow

A dam has broke deep inside

She’s never felt more alive

He makes his move they play the odds

She won’t get caught tonight




In this high-stakes love roulette

No one can hide when hearts are playing