Wet Weather



I attribute the spark that got the ball rolling on this song to Larry Richert during a broadcast of the NewsRadio 1020 KDKA Morning Program. Along with his co-host, John Shumway, Larry has to be the bearer of an inclement weather forecast on many a rainy day.

As I was making coffee one morning, I felt noticeably deflated when I looked out at the panoramic but cloudy vista of the Pittsburgh skyline from my elevated perch-top in Greenfield and heard Larry announce "There's wet weather in the forecast for the next few days." Precisely NOT what I was in the mood to hear!

A side note for trivia buffs...KDKA AM is the world's first commercial radio station.


Got up this morning

Poured my coffee

Fought rush hour traffic

The weatherman predicts a sunny day


Boot up my computer

Check my email

You write, “the weather is great where you are

I wish that i was there”


I should be drinkin’ up the sunshine

But my heart is drenched in rain


There’s always wet weather

Everyday when you’re not here

Torrential drops of rain keep pouring down

Everybody thinks i’m happy

It’s a picture-perfect day

But my sky is always grey

When you’re away


Went out with a good friend

To a party

Everybody‘s joking and laughing

Sat in the corner all night long

Ordered a rum drink

With an umbrella

The kind we drank in jamaica

The night we made love on the beach till dawn


You love those cute little decorations

Sippin’up our lovin’in the sun


Repeat chorus


It’s midnight

I can’t sleep

I should be dreamin' i’m tossing and turning

I reach for you you’re still not there


Outside my room the moon is smiling

And there’s not a cloud in the sky but


Repeat chorus